Our Cakes

We offer our Rum Cake in three different sizes:  single shot-sized, standard loaf and the heavy weight.  Made with the freshest of ingredients and just as it was in the 1880's.

Single Shot-Size

At 5 oz. these are a perfect single serving.  Just right with your morning coffee or as a lovely gift.  Individually wrapped and presented in a box that keeps all the cakes separated and upright.  Sold in quantities of 6 or 12 cakes.

Standard Loaf

This cake comes in a standard tin loaf pan with a plastic dome cover.  It weighs a full 2 pounds.  Be warned, family members have been known to hide "their" cakes from other family members, with crumbs in the front hall closet being the only evidence of their selfish indulgence. 



The Heavy Weight

At 2 1/2 pounds this is our largest cake.  Baked in a real wood box it is the perfect gift.  All cakes are bagged and can be ordered in a white box ready for wrapping if you wish.  Guaranteed not to last...  but it will long be remembered!