Let them eat Cake!

The decision to share Black Cat Rum Cakes with a wider audience has happened over time. The recipe has been passed down in my wife's family from the 1880s, and she and I have made hundreds if not close to a thousand to date, all to give as holiday gifts over the years. In the 2014 holiday season alone, my wife and I baked 96 Rum Cakes for our gift list. Every year, the waiting line is long and they are always highly anticipated.

I am a member of the American Chunker Team, the 2013 and 2015 World Champions of the WCPCA (World Champion Punkin Chunkin Association) contest held every year in Bridgeville, DE every year. Black Cat Rum Cake has been made the official rum cake of the team. As a team member, I am now "required" to bring these rum cakes to our events. 

With all of the team's cajoling and continuous encouragement of the aforementioned holiday recipients, we decided to listen to what all of these people have been telling us for so long - that it was time to create The Black Cat Rum Cake Company. As with any good product, a good recipe requires good ingredients, so we teamed up with a past business friend and his partner, who add business and marketing savvy, along with a manufacturing facility to the mix. 

This “rum cake team” now has the best of everything – and you can expect good things in the future. Please check back with us as this story unfolds and we will keep you posted on our progress.

If you are passionate about our rum cakes, we would enjoy hearing from you. To all of our faithful supporters over the years, I thank you for your continuous efforts to get Black Cat Rum Cake Company started.


Peter Vollheim