What folks are saying...


"Top shelf ingredients and it's made with love. Great customer service - yum for rum cake.”   - Sarah H.


“In the morning, with a mug of piping hot black coffee, Black Cat Rum Cake makes for a great breakfast. It's not too sweet flavor contrasts and compliments the flavor of the coffee.”  - Steve P.


“Creamy, dreamy, culinary delight.  Wonderful for special occasions, holidays or as gifts. They'll think you made it yourself."  - Peggy S.


“This rum cake is so treasured that my husband hides it.” -  Terri D.


"I want to thank you for making the greatest rum cake in the milky way galaxy!  It's over the top, beyond comprehension, and has literally changed my life."   - Doug S.


“Let them eat cake! ...this one however, you'll want all to yourself!”   - Peter C.


"Awesome cake for any event."  - Jim M.


"Black Cat Rum Cake has brightened many days for me.  A true epicurean delight."  - Charlie L., the gourmand


“I found this Rum Cake to be a wonderfully indulgent and luxurious marriage of silky moist texture with a sensual burst of succulent sweet flavor, as it quickly melts in your mouth. Far and away the most delicious rum cake that you will ever have the pleasure of devouring. "  - Steve B.


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